Michelle Who?


Michelle Ousley
Social Media Marketing Expert

Texas born, Michelle Ousley -The Boss Up Coach - is a social media marketing expert who works with entrepreneurs and business owners to generate leads and sales using social media.

Michelle is an inspirational speaker whose talks draw from her personal and entrepreneurial experiences as a successful business owner.

Michelle knows that the marketing landscape has changed dramatically and she is always on the cutting edge of online/digital marketing. She takes pride in being able to break it down in simplest terms for everyday business owners.

As a 23-year military spouse, mother to five successful children, and Army Veteran, Michelle Ousley brings the strategic approach and discipline necessary to business operations while simultaneously inspiring and teaching others to embrace social media marketing. One of her sayings is, “You don’t have to be “techy” to market like “techies”; I’ll show you how to implement the basics and grow from there.”

Michelle has implemented the skills learned from all these roles to change her family legacy. She pays it forward to the military and business community by teaching others how to prosper and by providing marketing services and support. Her latest keynote and course under her new corporate brand, Boss Up Coach, is “What Works Now!” In Modern Social Media Marketing.

Michelle credits her God-given gifts and her relentless determination to maximize them as key factors to her success. If you are ready to take your business to the next level and start using social media marketing to your advantage, visit www.BossUpCoach.com today! See you on the other side…